Wonderful creations

In the Joseph Ledelstraat 22 you will find Sewing Studio Josefien, a friendly and fun place with all the necessities to make wonderful creations.

Here you will find weekly sewing classes which are given at different times of the day: morning, afternoon and evening, all throughout the week. The lessons are conducted on an individual basis and suitable for all levels. You can choose what you make.

Naaiatelier Josefien - Josefien


During the lesson you can make use of the sewing machines, lock machine, templates for designs and sewing magazines for inspiration.

There is a selection of fabrics to choose from. Do you have your own material? Of course you can bring that too!


The cost of each course based on 7 lessons of 2 hr 15 min each is €150. As everyone gets to work together with Josefien, you can start simple or bring your own project. All levels are welcome.

Other Options

There are also possibilities to have sewing workshops for private lessons, kids parties, baby showers, or hen parties. This can be done on location or at the workshop.


The lessons are given in-between the school holidays and mostly over a 7 week period. You can sign up via email, phone or fill in the form.


Would you like more information? Fill in your contact information and I'll contact you as soon as possible.

7 week course
Private lesson

also nice: just role the dice

Workshops - kids (parties) - private lesson - Babyshowers - Bachelorette


  • The costs of the lessons are € 150 per 7 weeks
  • You choose 1 half-day and that is the same day for the entire period
  • In the absence of the student for whatever reason, it is not possible to make up for this on another day or time
  • If new corona measures are introduced that affect the lessons, the tuition fees will not be refunded but the lessons will be taught at the same time via Microsoft teams.
  • By paying the tuition fee you agree to these new agreements.

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